Download Files

This page provides download links for the forms that users should fill in to help the BSF staff ensure smooth operation and high-quality service.

BSF Submission Forms

  • Sample annotation sheet (in XLSX or XLS format). Careful completion of this multi-sheet Excel table by the user is time-consuming but essential, as it provides the basis for sample handling, trouble-shooting, bioinformatic data processing, and - if requested/discussed - for an in-depth analysis of the data. The filled-in table should provide comprehensive sample information, library details and the requested sequencing parameters. Samples submitted without a sample annotation sheet or with an incomplete form will in most cases lose their slot in the sequencing pipeline and will be set on hold until an informative sample annotation sheet has been received.
  • Sequencing authorization form (in PDF or DOCX format). By completing and signing this Word document, the user confirms that he/she is bound by BSF policies, adheres to all applicable laws and regulations, and provides authorization for payment of sequencing costs within a certain limit. If no sequencing authorization form is submitted, the BSF can decide to put the corresponding sequencing request on hold or, alternative, to take the physical submission of the samples as implicit approval of the BSF's terms and conditions. In the latter case, the BSF will make a reasonable decision on the sequencing scheme and other relevant parameters, and no responsibility is taken for any misunderstandings that may arise from failure to submit a sequencing authorization form.

Sample Preparation Protocols

  • Protocol for submitting DNA samples to the BSF (e.g. for genome or exome sequencing) - to be added, please inquire in the meantime
  • Protocol for submitting RNA samples to the BSF (e.g. for genome or exome sequencing) - to be added, please inquire in the meantime
  • For all other protocols please inquire